Scaling Services

Spikes in demand and organisation-critical projects require resources beyond your current headcount.


We understand that the digital challenges can be numerous, daunting, and complex. With [[COMPANY_LONG_NAME]] as your trusted partner, you can focus on running your business and loosen the reins. Let us take responsibility for matching your needs; from permanent hires, individual consultants and team competencies to delivering end-to-end solutions.

Offering instant impact, our scaling services are invaluable to any organisation pursuing growth, efficiency or innovation, without the commitment of increasing permanent headcount. Poly Consulting takes care of the administration so you can unlock the true potential of your organisation.

Through many years of experience, we have gained extensive knowledge into what makes complex projects succeed. We know that such projects are not built by individuals. That’s why we keep fine tuning how we support our clients in building project teams and how we deliver on projects.


Freelance Consultants

The need for specific specialist skills often arises acutely and requires immediate attention, as critical projects, tight deadlines and innovation depend on them. Our freelance consultants service ensures you the skills you need in a scalable and flexible setup. Freelance consultants are stars for short-term mid-term projects or tasks that don’t need a full-time hire.

Dedicated Teams

A dedicated team is a cooperation model where you have an outsourced team fully committed to your projects where you are in control of the day-to-day management and leadership. Crafted with a suite of talented specialists, these teams focus on specific projects for a client, operating either remotely or as an integral extension of the client's in-house team.

Managed Teams

Use cases for dedicated team model include long-term large-scope projects with evolving requirements, like the transition to the Cloud from the legacy infrastructure, implementation of the AI/ML algorithms for Big Data analytics or Cloud Consultancy and Advisory to increase IT infrastructure performance.

Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Based on your needs, we put together a tailored 'Managed Service'. Managed Services is a model where a service provider manages specific IT functions or services for a client, often remotely. This provides a cost-efficient way to manage IT operations, offering predictable pricing and the ability to scale services based on demand.


Employee well-being

Through scaling, businesses alleviate the workload on in-house teams, fostering improved work-life balance. This not only enhances the productivity and efficiency of the workforce but also contributes to the overall well-being and job satisfaction of employees. This creates a positive work culture.

Efficiency boost

Unlocking access to specialized skills and expertise, outsourcing propels projects forward with enhanced efficiency. Streamlined processes ensure faster project completion and focused resource allocation boosts overall productivity. This efficiency surge not only accelerates timelines but also brings a level of precision and expertise that may be challenging to achieve in-house.

Internal staff development

Scaling can pay dividends beyond just getting a project completed. When you bring in outside experts, it’s an opportunity for your core staff to pick up new skills and perspectives just by working alongside your more experienced hires. Scaling is extremely beneficial if you have a younger or developing team.

Collaboration Models


Outsource your work and business processes to a company or local consultants who support you in the same country your organization operates. To secure good integration into your daily operations, we source, match, and deliver you the sharpest talent on the local market. It offers the advantage of shared language, culture, and legal framework, making communication and coordination easier.


Work is performed in a neighboring or nearby country, often sharing a similar time zone. This helps to travel and hold face-to-face meetings more frequently, at a lower cost. You can also get more control over your business if you visit often and keep the team spirit high by inviting your consultants to your HQ. While cost savings might be less than offshore outsourcing, the similar time zones can facilitate real-time communication.


We consider the whole world our talent pool and, thereby, also yours. With offshoring, your organization leverages the benefits of accessing global talent with the most budget-cutting approach. Even if the right competencies are to be found several time zones away, we match you with carefully selected high-end professionals who will deliver on your goals.
“The sustainability paradigm in IT rests on an organization’s ability to scale up and down with a combination of permanent employees and freelance consultants. In my opinion, implementing this balance is without a doubt the best way to right-size your teams and reduce time to market without sacrificing performance.”
Morten Kirk Guldager
Polyglot ApS
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Juan Gonzalez
A comparative look at enterprise cloud strategy, the index offers a snapshot of progress in various areas of cloud transformation.
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Juan Gonzalez
A comparative look at enterprise cloud strategy, the index offers a snapshot of progress in various areas of cloud transformation.
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